Peugeot Scoot'elec

Scoot'elec, that's the name of this neat little scooter, manufactured by Peugeot-Motocycles (France).

It is remarkably silent : pedestrians often do not hear me arrive, just like if I were riding a bicycle. They often don't notice Scooty's humming... 

Its autonomy is about 40 km (25 miles) when travelling at its top speed (45-50 km/h) and can reach as far as 50 km when using the economical mode (the speed is then limited to 30 km/h).

Did you guess that there was no combustion engine ? The scooter is 100 % electric !

The scoot'elec is driven by a DC motor and has three powerful (and quite heavy) nickel-cadmium batteries (6V each). After about 2000 km, you need to add water to the batteries. And what is really great, is its energy consumption : my scooter uses less than 100 Wh/km when used in normal mode !

Scooter in a field

One or two persons can ride this scooter and even then, it has no trouble when the road goes up a hill. It even easily masters Lausanne with its steep roads.

Driving Scooty (1)

Driving Scooty (2)

The Services de l'Energie de la Ville de Lausanne were supporting financially the first 100 persons who bought a Scoot'elec in Lausanne (and lived or worked near Lausanne). Peugeot offered an additional bonus. But whatever its price, Scoot'elec is an attractive solution for small distance travels.

The city of Lausanne provides several free charging stations, so that a Scoot'elec can be recharged while it is parked in town.