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Last updated 18 August 1998.

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Please carefully read the OPaC Free Public License agreement before using, modifying or redistributing the OPaC sources. There are important restrictions for commercial distribution of OPaC or work based on OPaC.

Warning  You are going to download sources which do not correspond to a finished product ! You are encouraged to report any bugs you might run across.

Source organisation

The sources have been compressed with the pkzip utility (for the Windows platform) and with the tar and gzip utilities (for the Linux platform).

The OPaC class library is stored in a directory named OPaC, which contains the following files :

 OPaC.1.0 Full source tree for the OPaC class library.
 OPaC Header files.
 sd System Dependent files.
common Common platform files.
 linux Linux/X11 platform files.
 win32 Windows 32-bit platform files.
 si System Independent files.
 OPaCgrafix System Independent graphic routines.
 demoapp Demonstration application (for the tutorial).
 freetype FreeType library from the FreeType project.
 ib Dynamic interface editor (library).
 support Miscellaneous files.
 porting Documentation on the initial Linux port.
 op_icons.gif GIF file containing the icons used by OPaC widgets.
 news.txt News about the distributed version.
 OFP-License.html Copy of the OPaC Free Public License.
 OFP-License.txt ASCII version of the license.
 readme.txt Platform related information.

The Linux distribution contains a simple Makefile which can be used to build the OPaC class library, Interface Builder, FreeType library and demonstration application.

The Windows 95/NT distribution contains a workspace file suitable for Visual C++ 5.0.

Contributors are welcome !

You are welcome to contribute to this project. Please send e-mail before you start porting OPaC to another operating system, so I can co-ordinate the ongoing efforts.

The opac-dev mailing list

A mailing list about OPaC development has been set up, in order to help people synchronise their efforts and to discuss topics not handled in the documentation (that is, up to now, almost everything about OPaC).

Download 1.0.3 for Win32 only : (1.3MB)

This distribution contains the most up-to-date sources, which are only available for the Win32 platform. Support for Linux/X11 will be restored in 1.0.4. In order to build the sources on the Win32 platform, you will need Microsoft Developer Studio (version 5.0 will do). Other compilers might also work, but I have not checked. Refer to the file README.txt included in the distribution in order to build the OPaC demonstration application.

There is a precomipled version showing what can be done with transparency in OPaC here.

Download 1.0.1 for both Win32 and Linux/X11 :

This distribution of OPaC includes both Win32 and Linux trees; it is no longer up-to-date. The support/init.LINUX script must be run on Linux in order to clean-up the sources (especially, remove the <CR>) and copy the proper Makefile to the OPaC root directory. Please read the readme.LINUX file. Remember that the Linux port is still very unstable.

This distribution includes documentation about how the first port of OPaC was done (by Laurent Bovet). This can also be downloaded separately in PDF or PostScript format.

Download previous version for Win32 :

The Win32 distribution is slightly different from the Linux distribution. It does not contain the Makefile and the files have <CR><LF> marks for line termination.

Download previous version for Linux : OPaC-linux.1.0.0.tar.gz

The Linux distribution is slightly different from the Win32 distribution. It does not contain the Visual C++ workspace and the files have <LF> marks for line termination.