The main activities of OPaC bright ideas ! are software and digital hardware development. OPaC was founded in 1995 by Pierre Arnaud ().



The OPaC class library is a collection of system independent C++ classes, developed on Win32 platforms (consumer and NT-based Windows). The library provided a complete application framework, including its own widgets, dynamic interface builder, etc. A partial port to Linux/X11 was done in 1996. The development was frozen in 2002.


Hardware developed by OPaC bright ideas... and infos on the Smaky computers.

Discover the Smaky 400, a Motorola 68040 PCI computer board. Or check out the P6000 project, which involved a 68060, enhanced DRAM, etc. and which earned Pierre Arnaud the 1995 Swiss AT&T award.


Software developed by OPaC bright ideas... includes some freeware: a wallpaper changer and a Display PostScript-like server based on Aladdin Ghostscript. Virtual Pen was developed for EPSITEC (1999-2003).The X15 Control Panel was developed for Xemtec (2003); both products are based on Microsoft .NET.


A collection of resources for software development (including my preferred computer books and a few interesting links).


The Khepera robot, a small yet powerful experimentation platform for research. Find some information about this mobile robot and its brothers at K-Team's. Or have a look at Pierre Arnaud's Ph.D. thesis, which involved a few Kheperas communicating through sound emission.


Pictures... Discover Yverdon.


OPaC bright ideas is a Microsoft Certified Partner with the ISV Software Solutions competency (since January 2005). We are distributing OPaC Batch Tool, an automation tool for Windows which can be used to automatically convert documents into PDF files and e-mail or upload them through FTP and/or HTTP (). We are also contributing to Creative Docs .NET.


Of interest for the French-speaking Swiss users :

This website also hosts documents related to teaching () in Sylvie Arnaud's section.


EPSITEC SA développe et distribue la ligne des logiciels Crésus :